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Color: Dark Grey


Harmini - Mini Magnetic Balance Lamp

A Source of Light and Joy

Imagine an adorable, fun & mini desk lamp that is both a source of light and of joy. Aesthetically pleasing and relaxing to the eyes, Harmini's minimalist charm and its fun, mind-boggling lightswitch design will definitely make it the focal point of your room.

Balance, symmetry and minimalism. These three ideas are what inspired Harmini's lovely design. The delicate balance displayed makes you feel calm and at ease. Its miniature form and elegant beauty makes it a welcoming addition to any space.

☑️UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE & MINIATURE DESIGN – With an exclusive & miniature design, this lamp will stand out in any room it's in—even with its small size! Watch the two magnetic spheres balance right in the middle of the lamp. It's like watching two planets bound by each other's gravitational pull. A mesmerizing, subtle display of universal balance – of perfect equilibrium.

☑️NON-TRADITIONAL SWITCH – Its non-traditional switch is the highlight of this magnetic lamp. Simply hold the lower circular magnet to meet the one suspended on top and let the magnetic pull light the rest!

☑️MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Rest assured that what you're paying for is made with top-quality material. We chose the highest quality ABS material to ensure that you'll be living at ease with 'Harmini' by your side for a very long time.

☑️EYE CARE & LONG LIFESPAN –  Made with environmentally friendly materials and running on only 5V, it emits a warm white light glowing at a gentle 3500K color temperature perfect for your eyes, to bring a peaceful, cozy atmosphere to your home for longer than 20,000 hours.

☑️PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – You can bet that the person receiving this miniature magnetic lamp as a gift will fall in love with it – and with you! It's the perfect gift that you can give to your family and friends no matter what the occasion. 

    HarMINI is in High Demand and Currently Unavailable in Stores!