What is Reality?

Can You Trust Appearances?

Inspire Your Practice with this Mind-Boggling Bismuth Sculpture that Levitates a Magnet in Mid-AirIndefinitelyin the Palm of its Hands. 

Free from desire,
You realize the Mystery.
Caught in desire, 
You see only the manifestation.

Dissolve your conceptual mind. Free yourself of its grasp. Inspire your practice and realize the Mystery.

Mirage will SHATTER your conceptual mind and bring you back to your...


Nowhere else will you find a sculpture with such Truth-bringing power. Our Master craftsman at GRVVTY, E. MC²., is the first to integrate the magical, diamagnetic properties of Bismuth to create an altar statue with the potential to bring liberation upon sight.

Place this in your Sacred Space. Place it where Everyone can see. Melt the boundaries between Self and Other. 

To see a world in a grain of sand
A heaven in a wild flower
Hold infnity in the palm of your hands
And Eternity in an hour.
―William Blake

Here are more reasons you will fall in love with Mirage:
  • HANDCRAFTED MASTERPIECE – Our designer E. MC². handcrafted this bismuth sculpture with You in mind (or out-of-mind). No where else (where is no where?) will you find an art piece with as much power to bring Liberation Upon Sight. There are beautiful statues designed for that same purpose, but one that levitates a magnet mid-air in the palm of its hands? No where else.
  • DANCES MAJESTICALLY IN MID-AIR  The magnet, or ball of energy, between the bismuth crystals really is floating there freely, touching nothing but air, and it will stay that way until you disturb it.
  • THE MAGIC BEHIND THE DESIGN  Mirage is made out of solid bismuth, and achieves perfect balance with this amazing metal's force. How? Bismuth is diamagnetic, repelling both of the magnet's poles' (North and South, Yin and Yang) equally. The base supports a special array of magnets. This creates a magnetic field that works with the bismuth's diamagnetism to hold the little magnet in a small pocket of stability. 
  • THE PERFECT SCIENCE AND SPIRITUAL GIFT  This is the perfect gift for those looking to create a sense of peace and mindfulness in their lives. It's also the perfect gift for those enthralled with science and physics. You are going to create an everlasting memory with the person you give this to. They'll cherish it (and You!)  forever. It is truly a timeless gift.


    1. Place the sculpture on a level surface
    2. Place the magnet in the palm of the monk's hands
    3. Move the peripheral magnets closer together to make the magnet levitate higher, move them further away to make it levitate lower.
    4. Watch it float freely for a momentor for Eternity... 

    What you will receive:

    1.  A solid bismuth sculpture cast from the same mold as the one in the pictures.
    2. A complete wooden base as shown
    3. Two large peripheral magnets shown - These large ceramic magnets are usually slighty chipped on the edges as shown. They come to us this way. We might as well think of it as quaint. It's barely noticeable, and it doesn't affect the fields.
    4. Five various magnets for floating
    5. Two candles in glass holders


    We will ship all of our Bismuth Levitation Art Pieces within 5 business days. Often sooner! 

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