Solar Eclipse



Did you miss the Solar Eclipse that happened on August 21, 2017?

Solar eclipses are such a rare and magnificent occurence that only happen when the Sun, the Moon and an observer on Earth (You) are perfectly alligned. If you have ever experienced it, you notice the whole world go quiet as the sky gradually darkens.

The insects stop buzzing, the birds stop chirping and the only sounds left are usually the sounds of your friends and family awestruck by the beauty of existence.

It is an undoubtedly an experience everyone should seek out.

Now, whether you have experienced it or not, you can recreate this wondrous effect with this magical bismuth sculpture - Solar Eclipse. 

With the circular, golden magnet perfectly suspended without any contact in the middle of the bismuth sculpture, you can shine a light from behind to be reminded of the harmony of the universe. 

Without faster-than-light and omni-directional travel, your ability to experience a solar eclipse is governed by the rare alignment of the heavenly bodies.

Our gifted designer couldn't wait for the universe to align for him on August 21, 2017. Although he didn't create a faster-than-light spaceship to experience them on his own, he took destiny into his own hands and crafted this microcosmic marvel instead. This way, to be reminded of the harmony of the stars, he didn't have to wait years for them to align. 

Now you, too, can experience the Solar Eclipse in the comfort of your home:

  • FLOATS INDEFINITELY IN MID-AIR  The magnet between the bismuth crystals really is floating there freely, touching nothing but air, and it will stay that way until you disturb it.
  • THE MAGIC BEHIND THE DESIGN  Solar Eclipse is solid bismuth, and achieves perfect balance with this amazing metal's force. How? Bismuth is diamagnetic, repelling both of the magnet's poles' (North and South) equally. The base supports a special array of magnets. This creates a magnetic field that works with the bismuth's diamagnetism to hold the little magnet in a small pocket of stability. 
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE INSATIABLY CURIOUS  This is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever experienced a Solar Eclipse, or wants to. You are going to create an everlasting memory with anyone who receives this. Just like going to see the real thing, they'll cherish it and the experience forever   and you!.

So how does it work?

  • Simple. Just set it on a level surface
  • Place the spherical magnet in the opening
  • Twist the top magnet until the little moon floats freely
  • Now sit back and watch it levitate for hours...days...years  or until the next solar eclipse!

What you will receive:

  1. Solar Eclipse sculpture made-to-order
  2. A magnetic array on the ceramic platform
  3. Three 5mm spherical magnets.


  • Total measurement: 4x4x9 inches
  • Bismuth sculpture: 5x1x1 inches

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