Color: Gold


Unidentified Flying Speaker

'UFS' is a gravity-defying and color-changing UFO-shaped speaker that levitates in mid-air

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." —Arthur C. Clarke

Buried for thousands of years in the unforgiving deserts of Egypt, a shiny, disk-shaped piece of metal was discovered. "What is this?" the scavengers asked.

Hesitant, they reached out to touch the device and...BOOM! As their fingers made contact with it, the pristine piece of metal shot up and began levitating in mid-air, displaying beautiful neon lights and emitting an unforgettable sound — the symphony of the stars.

Rotating majestically in mid-air, they called us at GRVVTY to take a closer look. After studying it closely, we brought it to our laboratory to reverse-engineer and mass-produce the technology.

This is how 'UFS' was born.

Now you too, can display this mystical, alien technology in your very home.

Here are even more reasons you'll be falling in love with this mind-boggling technology:

☑️BLUETOOTH POWERED — We have integrated bluetooth technology within the device so that you may use it with iOS or Android. You'll be able to play any music you want and display your choice of cool, neon-colored lights from the convenience of your smartphone.

☑️PRISTINE SOUND QUALITY — Since your UFO speaker will float mid-air, there will be minimal resonance that interferes with our already high quality speaker, this way you are sure to get professional-grade audio quality.

☑️SET THE MOOD — Whatever mood you're in or song that's playing, youll be able to match it with your choice of light. Feeling romantic? Make it red. Feeling calm? Set it to green. Feeling inspired? Go with blue!

☑️THE PERFECT GIFT — We all know someone who is fascinated with science fiction, space or UFOs. Receiving a gift like this is going to blow their minds into outer space! Imagine 'UFS' playing their favorite song as they walk into a room. It'll be an unforgettable moment in their lives. They'll cherish it forever.


    UFS is not available in stores so hurry while supplies last!